About Source Business Support

Source Business Support started in 2017 and is now an established Digital Marketing Management company. We learn and stay up-to-date with digital tools, tech and strategies so you can consistently attract new followers, grow an engaged community and convert followers to leads on your Digital Marketing channels, effortlessly.

About Source Business Support

Who are Source Business Support?

Source Business Support are the behind-the-scenes Digital Marketing team supporting UK business owners, including consultants, service providers and course creators with their Digital and Social Media Marketing.

Founded in 2017 by Elaine Minett-Smith, Source Business Support started out as a Virtual Assistant service. It quickly evolved to align with the needs of small business owners, particularly those that work alone.

Digital and Social Media Marketing is a time suck and if you procrastinate, get easily distracted or just don’t enjoy being creative then these are the tasks that quickly get shifted to the bottom of your to-do list.

Just being online with a profile or account is not enough. Your brand must show up in the places where your customers “hang out” to proactively interact with their posts and share high-value content with them, where appropriate. This purposely gets you in front of your customers consistently, showing you as the expert and demonstrating you know your stuff. This is where the time-saving magic happens.

If you feel your customers can’t find you then daily actions need to be formulated to attract them to your channels, and not your competitors. Source Business Support will work with you to select the channels that get you results in the short and long term, choose strategies that generate sales enquiries and close sales faster.

We’ve worked with many businesses, B2B and B2C, in a variety of industries. Our expertise is well-known and our services come highly recommended by our customers. Read their testimonials to see what they have to say.

What do we do?

Source Business Support help UK businesses use their Digital and Social Media channels to show up and serve their ideal customers no matter where they are in their buying journey. Creating and sharing content with purpose to acheive one goal – to generate revenue.

Hi! I'm Elaine

Founder of Source Business Support. Helping Brands and Business Owners increase their visibility online with Social Media Marketing Consultancy services including Social Media Audit, Social Media Strategy or Social Media Management. All designed to align your online actions to your business goals, sustainably and consistently.

Elaine Minett-Smith

Social Media Marketing Consultancy Services by Elaine Minett-Smith of Source Business Support


We only work on the Digital Marketing activities that truly move the needle in your business.


Communicating what works and what doesn't is key to making the right choices that positively impact future results.


When you get in touch you can expect a prompt reply and where a change to support is needed we'll let you know before any changes happen.


We know that getting results is important to you when you in invest in us so we learn and stay-up-to-date with the channels, tech and tools so you don't have to.


Your success is our success and we want to celebrate with you. Our work is purely about geting results for you so you see a return on your investment.


To help business owners strategically plan and implement their Digital Marketing so they only create and share content on channels that get actual results for their business.


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